Are Mermaids Love Addicts?

William Mistele just answered my question on why we mermaids all seem like love addicts…


The Mermaid Realm and Two Mermen


Question: Are mermaids addicted to loving others? What is behind this? What is our purpose? Are we supposed to love and heal men?


Response:The actual answer to your question is not found in clear explanations but in choices you make about how to exchange energy with others. I will indicate a few of those choices after this brief, two part introduction.

The short answer to your questions: Mermaids exist to love. They are love. In their own realm on the astral plane, they are immersed within a field of love that vibrates within all the waters of the earth. Love then for them is simply allowing this sea of love that surrounds them to flow through them to others. And in their own realm others flow energy back in return. The exchange is always equal and continuous.

In the human realm, love is a scarce commodity. It is in short supply. Some people go their entire lives without ever experiencing its taste or its embrace.

The remedy for mermaids who are here in human bodies among human beings is to learn how to consciously direct and modulate their energy in a unique way for each relationship they are in. You become fully conscious of the energy exchange taking place with others as compared to spontaneously giving all of yourself freely in every moment.

I describe three kinds of energy exchange in this essay. I will summarize a number of others ones in a second essay. Briefly,the merman Ardiphne suggests using the magnetism in water to produce in another person a feeling of oneness with you. For the merman, no one knows anyone until they have become one with them.

Ardiphne also gives the example of introducing the deep serenity, peace, happiness, and beauty of nature into relationships. We are all surrounded in every moment by the beauty of nature. It is the most natural of things for two people to also feel this wonder and beauty within their relationship to each other as well. After all, being with a mermaid women is the same thing as being out in nature—you are in the presence of nature when you are in her presence.

The merman Ermot has his own emphasis. He suggests creating a natural flow of vitality and soul energy between two individuals that revives every cell in their bodies. Though you each have your own body, your separate energies become like two clouds that join or two rivers that flow together. You feel that kind of energy exchange going on.

Introduction Part I—Energy


Every where you go there is a different energy. If you step inside an Aikido Dojo, there is a high level of concentration and the students are centered with their weight down. There is a lot of vitality in the air but it is not soft, organic, or flowing. It is a harsh energy in the air and also concentrated in the lower Dan Tien.

If you walk out among students practicing Tai Chi Chuan in the park at dawn, they too have a strong sense of being grounded.But you will notice that the Tai Chi Chuan form is like a choreographed poem.The moves systematically work energy through all parts of the body and the poem reads—Hidden in me is the supreme power of self-mastery.

If you step inside a Zen Monastery and sit down right there up front next to the altar, you may notice that these people are not very grounded at all. They are after mental clarity and they pursue this ideal to such an extent that the outer world doesn’t matter to them at all. But that is just my impression. You can assemble your own impressions.

If you step inside a Nyingmapa Tibetan Buddhist monastery while they are chanting during a puja, you may actually get the feeling that the mind itself is an entire universe filled with Dharma deities appearing and disappearing and that the void itself is the only thing that is real—by contrast, everything else is an illusion, transient, and part of a Bardo—a test of whether you are free of attachment or not.

If you walk inside of a Hindu ashram from India and sit down while they are chanting—an ashram with a strong, clear, and bright lineage of inner plane gurus—and if you join in the chanting, Om Namah Shivaya, you may actually begin to feel drunk on bliss. It is almost like you are levitating—your body begins to feel weightless as if not only your inner Shakti but your body itself is ascending, lifting, and moving upward to unite with transcendent oneness.

On the other hand, if you climb down the ladder into a Hopi Indian kiva say during a snake antelope ceremony and you are in the snake clan kiva, you may sense that the ground itself is waking up.Matter is becoming conscious and your body fills with a mesmeric power of concentration and that you can direct that earth energy.

If you go and sit in the small stone circle near that abandoned stone tower out there among the cow pastures on Mull Island in Scotland (careful where you step) and feel the energy, you may notice that each standing stone has a distinct energy. The stones have been imbued with mysterious powers—the sun, water, fire, the air of the bard, cosmic will, spirit, etc.

And if you keep going another hour drive or two and take the ferry to Iona and if you place your butt down right there where St. Columba sat on that small hill of angels, you too indeed might sense radiant being of light flitting about through the sky around you. They have assignments, missions, and clearly defined tasks to accomplish.

And now, don’t get freaked out, walk a half mile from here over to the fairy circle on the West side of the island. Sit down around twilight. Now then, sing you favorite Celtic song or something comparable. I am singing right now or actually listening in my mind to Eva Cassidy’s Fields of Gold—“You’ll remember me when the West wind blows upon the fields of barley, ….”

And if you sing or produce the song in your head you will surely notice the voices of elves singing in harmony with you as I am hearing them right now.  The elves cannot resist—they are like children. They are so full of joy and happiness.The ring of my song in their ears tastes to them like the nectar of mead, sweet and enchanting. They cling to the words and images that appear as the song sings as if in this moment two worlds long separated have now found their way back together again.

Ah, yes, let us now go down to the Southwest near Tucson. Here was once a Hopi Indian shaman I knew. He said he would never teach a white man his shamanistic craft. Well, not until I asked if I could meditate with him for a few minutes.

I called one version of the goddess of the earth for her assistance. There she is again. She wears a white dress and in her eyes shines the life force of every creature and plant in nature. “Peace,may there be peace upon the earth” I hear myself saying as I watch her walk by.

And after that brief meditation the shaman named Soloho began teaching me about herbs and what they heal. He did this without any introduction, no vows were required, no pledges to sign, no initiation to take, no brown or yellow belts to attain, no koans to solve. I guess all that was required was being able to sense the beauty of the world, the wonder of being alive, and seeing the inner light shining in all things.

Well, you get the idea. Everywhere you go each place has its own energy and energy flow.


Introduction Part II-The Realm of Mermaids


And so naturally if you can sense energy, which any training in magic will teach you to do, you will know when you have stumbled, perhaps by accident while meditating, into the realm of mermaids. Or perhaps you are talking to a mermaid right now who sits in front of you and who has cloaked her spirit in the form of a woman’s body.

Either way, the energy is the same—whether an entire realm or one woman’s aura. It is nurturing, flowing, loving, healing,innocent, playful, full of beauty, tenderness, sensuality, and it flows through you seeking to be one with you. She is a representative of a sea of love that surrounds and flows through her. And she is flirtatious without knowing it,vivacious, and empathic.

You will also notice there is no ego, no selfishness, no sense of personal boundaries or individual identity though she can still perceive clearly the nature of anyone or anything she is near. She and the realm itself are acutely aware of every kind of attraction and any kind of exchange of energy. But, after all, I am just describing the water element itself.

The earth element by contrast likes to build things that endure. But the mermaids feel that the nurturing sea of love in which they exist is the final end of everything that can be accomplished or achieved.

The fire element seizes every obstacles and tests every boundary treating each as an opportunity to expand and master its will and power. But the mermaid feels love is the highest purpose and the perfect expression of all will and power.

The air element pursues clarity of mind and understanding of all things so that harmony can be achieved. But the mermaid,without need of thoughts, words, or mental activity, can tell instantly the true nature of anything purely through feeling.

And this brings us to the realm of mermen who I will speak with now briefly to get their perspective.


Two Mermen


Franz Bardon, in his book The Practice of Magical Evocation, describes briefly four mermen—Ardiphne, Ermot, Aposto, and Amasol. Because of my background experiences, I have a closer tie to the first two so it was much easier for me to talk to them.

The realm of mermen has a different feel than the realm of mermaids. The sea of love is there in their auras. But they do not emphasize so much being receptive, flowing, and yielding. They are very strong,autonomous, independent, and focused. Typical of the male or masculine principle in all spiritual realms, they like to do things. They are very conscious of what they know about water and the sea and they have specific areas of specialty.

Unlike mermaids, they do not embody an aspect of nature such as a river, an ocean bay, the open ocean, and so forth.Instead, they stand back slightly and master these things—like what is beneath the sea, the history and nature of streams and rivers, or they engage in the magic of weather control.

For another summary of these four mermen see



Franz Bardon says that the merman Ardiphne understands and teaches the intricacies of how the magic of water influences both humans and animals. Now if we take a look at Ardiphne’s aura this becomes clearer. Ardiphne embodies the attractive power of water. If he were in human from he would be a superstar or simply irresistible. And he understands how magnetism can be concentrated in water so that it exerts a powerful influence.

Now why would anyone want to utilize the magnetism within water? For a merman the answer is obvious. You can create a magnetic field that brings to life, makes alive, and fulfills the deepest possibilities of life—you in effect create beauty, wonder, love, joy, oneness,and happiness within or with others.

That is, you can just jump into the water to recharge and renew yourself as some people do. Or you can let the water jump inside of you or someone else in order to renew or recharge that person and get them to feel completely alive. Like I pointed out, mermen are not quite so passive as mermaids. They like to do things and make things happen.

Now if you asked Ardiphne for advice or what he might suggest or what you can do with magnetism in regard to yourself or other people you know he would tell you a few options. Some of his suggestions would have nothing to do with you but rather would be something you could do to fulfill the other’s life in some way.

On the other hand, he might point out the kind of standard water magic  any mermaid or merman knows about. Here are two examples. I should point out, however, that water magic does not work on everyone. I asked him about two women I know who are sylphs and he basically said, They are air elementals. You would use air magic and not water magic in working with them.

The first example involves creating a sense of another person feeling one with you. When that person looks inside herself she sees you. This happens naturally in some relationships were the lover may say to the other—you are me in another form. Or a person feels that she is part of her lover.

This sense of being one with another person happened spontaneously to me one time. I looked inside of myself and I could see only the girl. It was like she had become one with me. At that moment I could say, She is me.

There are seminars you can take for a week and the last night you slowly walk around the room and each person says to the other, “You  are the ___ in me.” And then you fill in the blank. “You are the strength in myself.” “You are the love within me.” “You are the clarity of mind that exists somewhere inside me.” Kind of like that.

Sometimes someone wills say to another, You are my soul mate.  And the other person says, Yes. That may be true for you. But you are not my soul mate.

In other words, the oneness can go one way or both ways. Ardiphne is teaching me in this example how to get the other person to look inside herself and see that I am inside of her and one with her. I already possess the ability to sense our inner connection. But she does not.

How do you do that? As I sometimes point out,in the realm of mermaids the standard form of greeting is to become one with each other. You sense the energy within one is the same energy as within the other.

Basically you take the other’s aura and align the water molecules so that they produce a magnetic field. Then you alter that magnetic field so it reflects the image and presence of a certain person. And then you make that image or inner magnetism highly attractive.

Like I say, this happens naturally in some relationships. In my third video on active listening on my facebook page, I give a simple exercise for imagining you are the other person. That exercise is very similar except it does not involve the magic of water.

As far as the element of water is concerned,you really do not know another person at all until you become one with them.And they do not know you until the other becomes one with you.

The mermaid queen Istiphul is the grandmaster within the mer realm of producing a sacred space of love in which two become one. But she utilizes more than magnetism. She creates an astral kingdom in which two individual’s souls, minds, and bodies feel perfectly one with each other. You look at yourself and the other person and it feels that your minds,feelings, and bodies are one.

The second example Ardiphne gave me was of using the magnetism of water to create a deep feeling of peace, contentment, and happiness between two people. There is a sensuality like there is no line where her body ends and mine begins. You feel again totally a part of each other.This is a pure sensual mode of perception without need of thoughts or words to clarify awareness.

You can sometimes experience this just by touching the arm of a mermaid woman. They are of nature. If you are sensitive to energy you feel you are out in nature and in fact nature itself when you touch them.

When I say Ardiphne is creating a sense of peace and happiness, I should emphasize he is not creating feelings inside of or between two people. For mermaids and mermen happiness, peace, contentment,serenity, sensual bliss, etc. are not inside human beings. They are a part of nature. And so he is merely insuring that the magnetic connection between two individuals reflects the beauty of nature that surrounds all of us in every moment of time.


The Merman Ermot


Ermot is especially good at teaching the magic of water element and at making magic volts.  He likes to inspire human beings to love each other by help of the water element.  He is especially influential with women.  He can, for example, use a magnetic volt or ball of condensed energy to create a story—unfolding a purpose that would otherwise not appear in the world.

Ermot’s Aura: (from Undine’s book) Ermot treats a stream or a river like a lover. It is something to care for. He would share and know its deepest secrets and dreams. It is something to become one with so that the life within one flows through the other without barriers or limitations.

All the same, to become one with something takes great concentration and will. Ermot possesses these things in a powerful way. Imagine a river that has flowed through mountains for tens of thousands of years. Ermot’s mind is deep,majestic, and mysterious like such a river.


Inner Aura: Pick a stream and then walk up the stream from beginning to end. Also memorize every way and place where the water flows—the way it turns around a rock here but it is different there, the way the currents move and how the water touches, ripples, or splashes on the banks.

If you did this, then you would have a sense of Ermot’s inner aura. His awareness can encompass an entire stream or river from beginning to end. His entire vibration is artistic like a poet or a painter who gazes with delight as he studies his subject.


Ermot on Mermaids


A mermaid woman is like a stream and a man is like gravity: every move she makes is shaped by his needs and presence. If you let her be herself, it is her nature to give. She does not get exhausted or worn out by giving. But you cannot break the flow by demanding more or trying to change the form, push and pull or get upset that she is not what you expect.

What enables her to give is that you in turn give her your full attention. She needs that level of engagement without distraction or diversion.This is because the boundless source of her love is form another world. And that world is the realm of mermaids on the astral plane which is part of a sea of love that encompasses and interpenetrates the world element on our planet. To enable her to give to you she needs a minimal effort of your part that sustains or grounds her giving within this world.

So you cannot be distracted, holding back, withdrawn, cold, or mean.Otherwise she is in this world but the natural flow of energy through her is not working because no one is receiving. She is happy to fill in for what ismissing in another. She is happy to flow toward another’s needs.

When you receive a mermaid’s energy then her love is inside of you. You are one with her as she is one with a sea of love. As in her own realm, there is an automatic, spontaneous oneness of love created.

If you use the words “giver” and “taker” then a “taker” can only exist if he receives the energy and then wastes it. You waste energy by destroying it. Like a vampire, some individuals take life giving energy and then fail to produce nay life or giving in return. They use the energy they are given to gain temporary relief from fears, insecurity, or to reinforce their ego by dominating and controlling others.

In other words, as the mermaid queen once said to me, If you do not connect to the sea of love that sustains the mermaids then everything you experience in a relationship with a mermaid will vanish and begone. You may spend years with her, but it will be as if you never learned a single thing from her.

The ego says if you are giving then you are losing. But the mermaid sees the other as herself in another form so the giving is a way of fulfilling herself as well as the other. Mermaids cannot stop giving because to do so would mean they were no longer mermaids—they then would no longer be joined to a sea of love that creates their purpose which they state: I exist to love.

But the human being who is under the enchantment of ego does not give to her in return. So he uses her like the heroin addict. He comes back to her to get another fix of her elemental energy of water that makes him feel so alive and also to suppress the withdrawal symptoms he gets when he is not around her.

Earlier in this essay, I mentioned that Ardiphne gave two examples of energy connections that he suggests a person can create with another person.The first is a feeling of oneness—the other person looks within and sees the partner inside. You feel a part of each other. To know another you must find or experience that other within yourself, otherwise, how can you say you know someone?

The second was creating a magnetic field in which the beauty of nature is reflected in the relationship. What could possibly be more natural?

Here Ermot gives his own example of an energy connection. At the following link and also in my Undines book I describe a sea of love meditation.It is a way of creating around yourself the kind of supportive love that mermaids feel themselves immersed within all of the time.


You imagine a sea of blue green water or whatever color you like. The water is cold, wet, flowing. And then you keep that physical sensation but add to it the feeling of love—that it is nurturing, giving, healing, soothing,releasing, fulfilling, bringing to life and making alive.

You identify with this sea. This sea of love is you.  But now as the sea you flow through another person into the head and out through the feet. As you do so you sense and feel you are releasing all tension, healing all wounds, and filling in for whatever that person needs in order to feel complete.

What Ermot suggests is for two individuals to learn to do this with each other at the same time. In Taoist yoga two individuals can join their meridians so their two bodies link up and become one energy system. The vitality in each individual’s body flows in a circle up the back and down the front. But you can link the circles of energy in each individual so there is one energy moving through both partners.

Ermot does not use meridians. The male and female body each have their own electro-magnetic poles and flows of energy. For Ermot, every single part of one individual’s body is linked to every single part of the other partner’s body. One woman says she can draw energy from off the ocean. It is like a thin mist of watery energy she senses is there.

This is similar to Ermot. There is a watery kind of energy like a vapor or mist that freely flows back and forth between two partners. It is refreshing,renewing, reviving, rejuvenating, healing, and makes you feel fully alive. It happens when two partners are completely open to and receptive to each other.

I am using words. What is wonderful about mermaid women is if you simply show them the energy flow they can reproduce it without having to think about how it happens. They perceive, feel, and interact without need for thoughts to intervene.

For more on magnetism, see


In summary, from the beginning: The remedy for mermaids who are here in human bodies among human beings is to learn how to consciously direct and modulate their energy in a unique way for each relationship they are in. You become fully conscious of the energy exchange taking place with others as compared to spontaneously giving all of yourself freely in every moment.

In other words, by carefully observing the energy exchange you have with others you can tell sooner when the energy flow is not working. You can learn to sense why it is not working. And you can have at your disposal a number of ways to insure that there is a fair exchange of energy between yourself and others.

A mermaid in her own realm gives all of herself in every moment without holding back. But what you will notice with human beings is that each person has a distinct quality and quantity of intimacy that they are able to give and to receive. And so in each relationship you respond to the context and to the person.

If someone is able to be one with you then you have the experience of oneness. It is an energy thing. Sex is a side dish. As one mermaid put it, On the astral plane, becoming one with another person is like a hundred times better than sex in the physical world.

But for human beings, this is not so. They only know what they have experienced with their five senses. They do not know love as an energy exchange and flow. Most are starving for love all of the time and mistake sex for love the way an alcoholic will mistake alcohol for a healthy meal.

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